Moroccan Argan Oil Production

This great video takes you on a tour of a company using traditional methods to extract Argan oil in Morocco. These days most of the extraction is carried out by machinery, but still work to support the local women co-operatives.
As you can see from the footage it is quite a time consuming and very manual process.

Traditional Production Method:

1. Goats. Goats were originally the first stage of the process. Goats would climb the Argan Trees (Argania Spinosa) and eat the fruit. The workers would then go through the waste from these animals looking for Argan fruit Kernels.

2. Pulp. This stage is the separate the outside of the nut from the core. Normally to open the nut they crush them between two stones.

3. Crush. This is where the solids (almonds) are crushed to form a thick paste.

4. Grind. This is possible the most important stage in the process. Berbers grind the paste in a way that it will reach a very certain consistency. A stone mill is used for this grinding process.

5. Mixing. Next up is the mixing part. This is a long, often tedious, task where they will prepare a loaf for the paste, ready for the next step.

6. Press. The loaf is then pressed in order to extract the oil. Once it has been pressed to a stage that no more oil will come out, it is time to move on to the filtration process.

7. Filter. The last stage is to filter the oil. It is filtered many times before we get the Argan Oil we use today.

Using this old production method it takes between 20 and 30 days to make just 1 litre of Argan oil! Luckily today there is more up to date machinery, which allows for better hygiene, whilst still being managed up the women’s co-operatives.

Discover Pure Argan Oil

What is Argan Oil?

A  relatively new product to the majority of the western world, Argan Oil has been used in Morocco for centuries. It is renowned for its nutritious properties for hair and skin and for it’s great cosmetic benefits.

 All the way from Sunny Morocco..  

Argan oil, in pure form, only comes from Moroccan land. The oil itself comes from the Kernels of the Argan tree (Argania Spinosa.) The tree has only every been successfully grown in its native land despite an attempt by the Israeli’s when they heard of the buzz surrounding the discovery. The Argan Trees that were planted in Israel came to nothing. In the early days the Berber tribes would extract oil from each individual kernel by hand, resulting in a very labour intensive, time consuming production method. They would not pick the kernels from the Argania Spinosa, they would collect whole Kernels from the waste of goats. The tress are large and the goats would climb the trees and eat the fruit. These days the fruit is picked directly from the tree.

 How Can I benefit?

Well quite simply.. in a whole variety of ways! This Moroccan oil really became a household name when it was put in a whole range of hair products, some of which sold in professional salons and some in high street pharmacy/ beauty stores. Product manufacturers were mixing just a small amount of Argan Oil alongside other ingredients to create hair serums, treatments, styling products aswell as shampoo and conditioners. People instantly bought into the hype surrounding this newly discovered ingredient, and it was not long before almost every hair product manufacturer was bring out new ranges marketing the inclusions of this oil. People found their frizzy hair was smoother, they could style their hair quicker, their hair was shinier than ever before.

What a lot of people do not realise is that the benefits within Argan oil are diluted through the use of cheap “filler” ingredients used by the manufacturers in order to maximise profit margins. Pure Argan Oil applied directly to the mid-lengths and ends of the hair, as either a conditioner/ treatment or as a styling product, will reveal far greater results than mixed oils which are sold in salons and on the High Street. If you would like to purchase this product in it’s pure form visit

Using Pure Argan Oil on your skin can work wonders too. Applied all over the body as a moisturiser will leave it feeling soft with a wonderful glow. You can also apply directly to the face twice a day (morning and night preferably) as a facial moisturiser and anti ageing serum. Apply 5 minutes before make-up for a flawless glowing finish.

Pure Argan Oil really is an all in one hair and skin hero. It may be slightly pricy to begin with, but you will find you can stop using the majority of the skincare and hair care product you are currently using.

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Argan Oil Benfits